San Diego Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and can cause serious personal injury. Most slip and falls happen in commercial settings, including grocery stores, drug stores, office buildings, construction sites, and even gas stations and malls. These accidents may also happen on private property. Either way, there exist duties on the part of the property owners to maintain the property responsibly and avoid the existence of dangerous conditions.

Dangerous or defective conditions may be a large or small, temporary or permanent. Therefore, investigation of the claim is essential to a successful case. Temporary conditions such as water on the floor of a grocery store or snow and ice on the stairs of a restaurant need to be investigated quickly. If a claim is against a Town or the State of California, then notices are required within a few months of the injury. For more information, please contact the personal injury Attorneys of theĀ San Diego, California law firm Mark B. Simowitz, Attorney at Law.